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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Welcome to the new layout of Jen's THOROUGHBLOG and thank you to my friends at THOROUGHBRED BLOGGERS ALLIANCE, John and Patrick, for already commenting on the site (see their comments below).
The TBA is a group of racing fans all over the world with Blogs about racing and each one is unique and interesting. John is a whiz with the video stuff and today, he sent me a link from YOUTUBE of BUFFALO MAN.

Hi Jen

I was wandering through Youtube and I happened upon
this; I thought you might enjoy it.

As a refresher for those who are new to 'Blogs' (short form for Web Log), this is a site where I try to give some news and views but comments/e-mails are encouraged. To send a comment (and you can do it anonymously if you wish), just click on the Post a Comment button and follow the instructions, it's not too hard!
I have started a personal Hot Canadian-bred list for horses who have raced this year, the list is based on my opinions as far as Beyer Figures, class, etc.
Previous Posts are, well, previous posts. Blogger friend John (Not to the Swift) has started a fun Blog site for Kentucky Derby hopeful BIRDBIRDISTHEWORD.
The Links list is self-explanatory and the first link will lead you to Woodbine's Microsite for the Queen's Plate. The Top Ten Plate hopefuls list is submitted by Thoroughblog.
My brother (who designed this Blog and pushed me to do it in the first place) has 2 cool products he has invented, really easy downloads: the PHOTOCAFE takes all your pix in your hard drive and displays them one at a time in a screensaver format. Very cool.
The members of TBA are listed next and at the bottom the RSS feed offers you a quick look at recent posts (the first few paragraphs) of my fellow bloggers. Just click on the RSS button to get a glimpse of what else is out there!
My Archives list is next - I started this Blog on March 27, 2006.
You can search a topic or horse/person name by using the Search button at the top of this page.

Coming soon: Your horse/foal photos can be published on THOROUGHBLOG as soon as we get a link going!


  • At 10:14 PM, Anonymous QQ said…

    Jen, The new layout is really sweet. And thanks for the list of hot Canadian runners!

  • At 1:31 AM, Blogger Milhouse said…

    A new thoroughbred meet is right around the corner at Woodbine and thus it's only appropriate that a fresh new look has arrived on Jen's thorough-blog. Looks great! Better than those dreadful Leafs!


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