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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


5 to go

WOODBINE'S 2008 racing season winds down but not slowly this week, more like with a bang with 5 large cards of racing, stakes events starting tomorrow night and a super LONGRUN CALENDAR GIVEAWAY on SUNDAY, Dec. 7, the last day of racing.

Adding to the giant fields and numerous betting opportunities is the contentious jockey race between Patrick Husbands and Jim McAleney - currently tied at 157 winners.

Husbands has 7 mounts of 9 races tomorrow night.
McAleney has 5.

This week, the NOMINATIONS FOR THE SOVEREIGN AWARDS will be announced and that is surely to bring some surprises to horse owners, trainers and breeders (perhaps even those who voted!).

There will be 10 races or more each day from Thursday on and Sunday's feature is the 1 3/4 mile VALEDICTORY, a traditional marathon stake.

The HORSEMEN'S BENEVOLENT AND PROTECITVE ASSOCIATION (Ontario) will give away an awesome LongRun calendar to fans coming to the races on SUNDAY.



Name Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings
Mark E. Casse 471 74 74 67 $5,604,141
Sid C. Attard 315 55 50 39 $3,301,659
Reade Baker 308 47 44 39 $2,690,863
Roger L. Attfield 236 45 29 35 $4,135,725
Scott H. Fairlie 230 44 36 29 $1,827,506
Steven M. Asmussen 254 39 27 35 $2,241,568
Robert P. Tiller 273 36 36 39 $1,848,226
Nicholas Gonzalez 187 31 30 31 $2,266,182
Audre Cappuccitti 239 31 16 25 $934,826
Daniel J. Vella 219 30 39 23 $1,740,531
Brian A. Lynch 106 30 17 12 $2,249,204
Terry Jordan 80 30 16 7 $1,111,284


Patrick Husbands 775 157 132 108 $9,054,324
James McAleney 807 157 110 115 $8,316,182
Emma-Jayne Wilson 855 110 109 131 $6,493,412
Emile Ramsammy 826 101 101 114 $5,119,553
Eurico Rosa Da Silva 707 100 93 83 $5,707,955
Chantal Sutherland 589 89 69 85 $4,944,030
Tyler Pizarro 645 87 94 71 $4,541,187
Justin Stein 643 77 86 62 $3,450,036
Jono C. Jones 586 77 69 70 $5,433,773
Robert C. Landry 434 54 55 64 $3,436,875
David Clark 464 51 53 55 $3,321,096


Ontario owner/trainer DEBRA ROMBIS won the first race last night at Mountaineer Park with DEMARIA, a 3yo Bold Executive filly out of A View Indeed, Distant View.
The filly won the $5,000 claiming race by a neck at 5 to 1 under Jose Davila.
She was bred by Helmut and Nancy Kleinhart and is now 2 for 8 in her career.


Thank you to everyone who commented on a THOROUGHBLOG query presented in yesterday's post - a query regarding PERCEPTION.

Why does top jockey EMMA-JAYNE WILSON get fined for excessive use of the whip when she carries the new, shorter, softer cushion whip?
Because if it looks bad(flailing or a perception of hitting hard) the ONTARIO RACING COMMISSION and its stewards has a job to do to enforce rules and regulate the sport.
And that's what it does.
It is not a criticism against Wilson, who has taken the lead in using a more humane whip. The ORC simply deemed that it looked bad.

If it doesn't look right, the fans, the bettors, the folks keeping the game going, are left on their own.

That was the point of yesterday's comment on the 3RD RACE ON SUNDAY (which you can watch below).

It doesn't matter what the instructions were for the rider and horse, it doesn't matter what the reasons/intention were for what simply APPEARED to be somewhat of a soft effort - what matters is, it does not look good and that is not fair to the bettors.

On the LET IT RIDE FORUM and other racing discussion forums, the race has come up many times. Not just on this site.

**And thank you to CATHY R., breeder of RED WITH GUILT, for the note. Cathy, you can get a win photo for the filly from MIKE BURNS PHOTOGRAPHY located on the Woodbine backstretch 416-679-9889.


  • At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Steve said…

    I saw the race where Bugs Boy wasn't asked at anytime. This must be investigated. Please tell me who to contact regarding this and I will do it! I don't want to pass judgement at this time but I cannot think of any reason that the best horse didn't win, other than the jockey didn't ask him to.

    Please tell me who to contact and I will.


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