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Monday, January 29, 2007

Letters, we get Letters...

Monday, Monday, just heard a report on BARBARO on the radio - "if he breaks that bone again, we'll probably call it quits" - Dr. Dean Richardson. Yikes.

Shots galore in the Letters section of the DRF on Sunday with regards to that letter last week by the wife of Anthony Sciametta (asst. trainer to Todd Pletcher) who poo-pooed the story on trainer Peter Vestal. Trainer RUSTY ARNOLD said "It is said that everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame. Perhaps in this case, considering the letter-writer's affiliation (Sciametta is subbing for Todd right now), that amounts to 45 days, with about 15 left." Ouch.

Here's a really nice letter sent to Thoroughblog...

Hello Jen!

I've tried posting a comment on your blog many times but have been unable to do (s0). Not sure why? (My Firefox browser?)

Anyway, now that you've posted your email address, I wanted to write to thank you for having by far the best web site on the local racing scene available anywhere--and certainly much better than the "official" site!

I've always loved racing. Not really the wagering, just the sport itself, all of it: the breeding, the races, the stories, and the nobility of the animals. In fact, I follow the sport the way others follow hockey or baseball (sports I enjoy, too, by the way). But one of the tough things about the sport is the dearth of real information--and here I'm talking about stuff that goes beyond what the official line is. For example, most casual fans would not have known about the poor condition of the polytrack in the fall given the tv broadcasts, other than the party line: "There seems to be a bit more kickback." You really kept us up to date. I also love that you keep us informed on how Canadian horses are doing.

Anyway--thank you so much for your blog. Your enthusiasm for racing shines through every single post! If I had any request at all, I wish you might sometimes include some breeding info...who foaled what, who's going to visit what stallion, etc. I'm especially a fan of the Sam-Son operation, but finding any sort of breeding info is well near impossible!
Thanks again! I hope you keep the fantastic blog going a long time!!!

And thank you Anthony for the note!


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