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Monday, December 18, 2006

More Sovereign Talk

In response to some comments:

- I hope to have Dave Perkins' Sovereign Award winning story on this site soon or at least a link.
- Yes, the grooms and hotwalkers deserve many accolades as well and some get invited to the awards by the owners or trainers.
- Regarding Emma-Jayne and her eligibility for Top Jockey (she lost her apprenticeship in early September and it was not a surprise she did not win the Sovereign simply based on what was heard from horsepeople, voters in recent weeks) - Mickey Walls did indeed win the Apprentice and Jockey Sovereign in 1991 - but that was a year in which Walls smashed Sandy Hawley's record for most wins in a season (!!, Sandy Hawley!) and smashed a record for most purse earnings in a year. The kid won everything and was so ridiculously dominant that he had to be the winner (Mark Patzer from out west was a was not a strong year for riders other than Mickey).
Emma led all jockeys but was far from dominant in the manner in which Mickey was...but finishing 3rd in the voting to Todd Kabel and Patrick is pretty good considering Jim McAleney probably deserved to be on the short list too...very competitive at Woodbine jockey-wise and sure to get even more so in upcoming years...


  • At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just a little confused? I'm fairly new to horse racing and am a little confused on something. All this talk about Emma-Jayne Wilson losing her bug in September? am I mistaken or did she not loose it the middle of August? I seem to remember that she was at Ascot racing on her first day as a journeyman the 12th I think it was. Not that it matters too much just wondering if I missed something. Thanks


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