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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Baze Daze

It's not getting much play over here but Russell Baze, Canadian-born by the way, is close to Laffit Pincay's all-time record of most winners by a jockey. Quite a story.
My fellow Bloggers (in particular Tote Board Brad) have news and photos on the hero of northern California.

Speed, speed and more speed on Polytrack last night at Woodbine, the penultimate Wednesday evening of the meeting.

Two juvenile stakes race on Saturday may have some bearing on Sovereign Award voting (which closes Monday). The Ontario Lassie Stakes features Catch the Thrill (Sam-Son) and Quiet Action (trained by Mark Casse), the one-two finishers from the fast Princess Elizabeth Stakes.

And trainer Sid Attard "bearly" has the lead in the trainer ranks over Reade Baker, who runs a bunch of Bear horses today and is gunning for his second consecutive Sovereign Award.


  • At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am a huge Canadian horse racing fan from Kitchener and in particular a great fan of Woodbine entertainment. I was only eleven years old when my uncle took me to Woodbine for its opening day in the summer of 1956. When I first heard of Jennifer Morrison's blog I thought it would be an informative and interesting thing based on some of the previous stories of hers I had read in newspapers and the Racing Form, but I was shocked to find that the majority of this blog is favoritism especially geared towards shameless self-promoter Reade Baker. In the midst of a leading trainer battle last year, Reade Baker was the name mentioned most and not that of eventual Sovereign award winner Mark Casse or Sid Attard. With a month and a half left of racing last season, Reade Baker was leading by eleven wins, only to be caught and beat by Sid Attard who (correct me if I'm wrong but) I believe won his third straight leading trainer title in 2006. Jennifer, you are a very talented writer and I look forward to reading your blog this season provided it is more straight forward.


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