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Monday, November 13, 2006

Four weeks and counting

Retired track record setter GREAT DEFENDER has a Christmas bow on his halter to remind fans of racing and horsepeople to donate to their favourite thoroughbred retirement group this Christmas. Say thank you to the horses with a little gift.

Woodbine's long and, for 2006, very unusual racing meet is coming to an end Dec. 10 and the last four weeks should just as intriguing (bizarre?) as many of the others during the year.

From the spring when the meet started on the old main track, to the summer of the inner-dirt (racing held on the inner harness track) to Polytrack, it's been a wild ride.

Lots of good horses and match-ups to come in stakes events and that's cool. Also, the promise of more giant fields is great for the business as the wagering handle has been solid.

This past weekend's racing was on the slowand boring side, however, as Poly played slowly, there was lots of kickback and on Sunday, it was virtually impossible for horses to rally. Yes horseplayers, there is a Polybias.

Shippers to Woodbine are getting their doors blown off too - SOUL SEARCH in the Maple Leaf (2nd to Asi Siempre in the Spinster, nowhere behind Howaboutrightnow at Woody), and others who came up for the Valedictory prep on Sunday.

As for a recent comment sent to the site - the Polytrack gets used so hard in the mornings with some 1500-2000 horses training on it, it seems to be falling apart in the afternoon. There has been some evidence (according to trainers who were asked) that the surface is landing in horses' nostrils but whether it is ingested, is a question. Although, watching the kickback, it's hard to imagine that it's not.


  • At 2:25 PM, Blogger rather rapid said…

    txs for answer the q on morning kickback. seems to me that --including how the track behaves during races--just as important a q is whetther its ruining things for everybody in the morning, and also whether it gets into horses lungs.
    also a little silly, given what was probably the $$$ involved, that such qs were addressed after installation instead of before.

  • At 9:48 AM, Anonymous MyStormyBaby said…

    Thanks for the pic of Great Defender -- I loved him while he was running and it's great to see him still doing well.

    As for the Poly -- I hope they find a solution quickly. I wonder if Woodbine, like Turfway, will be forced to replace the cushion with new material of different composition.


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