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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thar She Blows!

Holy hurricane Batman! Woodbine cancelled its live racing today (as did Aqueduct) due to high winds and this time, there was good reason. Gusts up in the 70 km/h range made it tough to drive a car, never mind steer a horse.
The Bunty Lawless and Labeeb Stakes were already taken off the turf, will remain as 'off the turf' events' and will be held on Thursday.

Meanwhile, how classy is ROGER ATTFIELD? Accepting his congratulations for his 300th stakes winner (Pellegrino) yesterday at windy Woodbine, Attfield thanked his horses and his owners and then gave a little present to anyone who was listening. He said he "loved" his starter, Eccentric, yesterday at Keeneland in the Grade 3 Fayette Stakes. He was right and the horse paid 8 to 1.
Having worked for several years for Attfield, I can tell you he's a down to earth, fine man who is funny and kind. Congrats Roger!


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