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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jen babbles, Big Red roars

This is a very competitive industry, everyone is out to win. And, as we all know, in most aspects of the game, the habit to cheer against someone or be dismayed when someone does good is prevalent.
Andy Beyer's column on the Sheikhs of Dubai made the DRF and the Post last week and then was a brief topic of conversation at the post-Classic news conference at Churchill Downs last Saturday.
Okay, so Beyer's artic may have been a tad harsh, I actually love to see the blue-blooded, big ticket yearlings and runners from the Shadwells, Godolphins and Darleys even if it perhaps doesn't give racing the news coverage it needs.
But Rick Nichols' comments after Invasor won the Classic was not fair. To say that Beyer "had to right to write" that about a "great man" is preposterous. Free country buddy. It's a message I have been trying to get across to members of the Ontario racing industry for a long time. Yes, everyone involved with horses works hard and is dedicated, but we ALL have a job to do. Woodbine jockeys take note of this please.

LEONNATUS ANTEAS is truly an incredible fellow. The undefeated 2yo colt by Stormy Atlantic did not run fast to win the Coronation Futurity but the brave guy was going 3 for 3 and, for the 2nd straight race, was limping noticeably after the event. The colt, who figures to be named the country's champion juvenile colt, will rest up for next year. Nicknamed 'Big Red' (eeks), the colt is owned by Knob Hill Stables, trained by Kevin Attard (a guy you have to cheer for) and was bred by Ted Burnett.
Oh yeah, the Coronation Beyer Figure was 75.


  • At 8:59 PM, Anonymous cy said…

    ummmm ... Jen. good call on Round Pond, i didn't see her but that's sorta the story of my day. But pleease link to the Beyer article.

  • At 11:13 PM, Blogger arlie7 said…

    I too watched the breeder's cup. It was an experience - full of wouldas, couldas, shouldas
    I too read the article- I have to agree with it. Sorry Jen.
    My husband's family raised and raced thoroughbreds. To have o much money that you can buy your way to victory - doesn't seem very sporting or noble to me.


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