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Monday, November 27, 2006


Just back from a short Christmas vacation to the wonderful little town of Sherbrooke, Quebec where much poutine and vin was consumed!

Caught replays of Sunday's Woodbine's races and one would have to give serous consideration to FINANCINGAVAILABLE for Canada's Horse of the Year, in addition to her older female trophy that she locked up with the win in the Bessarabian Stakes at 7 furlongs. Facing open company for the first time in a while, the tough gray mare had lots against heras she was off the pace - not a familiar style for her - and then trapped behind horses turning for home. She managed to get herself out of the jackpot, however, and mowed down Roving Angel and Hatpin for the win (the latter pair dead-heated for second).
ARRAVALE seems to be headed for Horse of the Year honours but this daughter of Kiridashi, a locally bred mare through-and-through desverves a long look if you are voting.
Voters for the Sovereign Awards will be able to place their votes on-line beginning this Wednesday.

The dust of the Pick 7 has all but blown away (I played a ticket last Wednesday and was not very close!) and still, the results of some races on Woodbine's Polytrack have been too tough to predict. What was noticable were trainers who have had somewhat lean times in 2006 are winning a lot right now. For example, John MacKenzie won three races early last week.
With two weeks left in the season, you can be sure there will be a lot of class dropping and quick-backs in the entries.


  • At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    OMG Jen,

    I once spent a memorable night in Sherbrooke, QC myself (which wouldn't be signficant were I not writing from Seahawk country [couple hours before Monday Night Football even]).

    After a long day at Hartford OTB, I drove north through Vermont, hitting the border at midnight, and into a good old fashioned Canadian blizzard. I putted along on the freeway until fears of total white-out had me seeking the next possible shelter. So I pull into (random town), for some instinctive reason opt away from first motel in view, then I turn into a driveway for 2nd such option. Come to learn that it doubles as the town OTB! (making me feel happy about having something to do the next day in the event I can't get out onto the roads).

    So I promptly ask for a room and then spend the next 75 minutes chatting with the young, french-born female desk clerk (who'd been in Canada maybe 3 yrs. and whose only trip to the U.S. was an errant drive to the border, where she was made to turn back).

    I had no Cdn. $$ and very little U.S. $$ so I went hunting for a cash machine the next morning. Turned a corner, started up a hill, and saw the classic Canadian site:

    A huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge pile of snow, with only the phrase "La Baie" visible behind it, on the top of a shopping mall! (I stopped right in the middle of the street to take a photo)

    Later I went to McDonald's for breakfast and began with: "do you speak english?" (later someone brings me un-ordered hash browns and says, in forced english: "you forgot your [pause] hash browns") awww, maybe you had to be there!

    Sorry Jennifer, just trying to entertain you or your troops.

    - me, in Seahawk country


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