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Sunday, July 27, 2008


POWERFUL PUNCH - Ginger Punch, the champion mare, overcame some tough traffic and raceriding to win the Go for Wand yesterday in the middle of a downpour. It was quite a remarkable run for the Stronach mare,a daughter of Canadian-bred filly Nappelon (by Bold Revenue)


Northern Kraze wore down a very game and brave Roses n Wine to win the $250,000 Wonder Where Stakes on very soft grass at Woodbine yesterday.

The Anderson Farm bred was one of 3 winners on the card for jockey Chantal Sutherland.

"We couldn't even get a bid on this filly at the sale," said Bob Anderson, who sold half the filly to trainer Mark Frostad after the sale.

The Aljbar miss is fast improving on the grass and was winning for the 2nd time in her career.

Speaking of ALJABR...

The beautiful grey STORM CAT stallion has arrived in Canada!

The multiple Group 1 winning miler, one of Kentucky's leading 4th crop sire's last year, will stand at ASCOT STUD (see ad above) for the 2009 season.

Aljar is also the sire of hot sprint prospect WOLLEMI PIN, who also has the track record on Polytrack for 1 mile and 70 yards.

More updates tomorrow...


  • At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    CanGamble just to make sure I have this right about ADW's. If I have an ADW account that bets a two dollar bet at Fort Erie , Fort Erie would rebate the ADW, 14 cents on my bet no matter if it won or lost.
    Yet if I bet the same two dollars at the host I would get nothing back.

    If that statement is correct , Fort Erie racetrack is telling me not to bet at source , but somewhere else???

    And if that correct that would be like saying if I went to
    walmart and bought a pair of shoes for $30.00, but if I went to SHoeADW they could go to Walmart on my behalf and buy the same pair of shoes for 27.90, and ShoeADW might reimburse me for for any part of the $2.10 savings .
    This kind of business model just does not make sense.


  • At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Cangamble said…

    John, you are pretty close to correct in that analogy. The fact is that if a loyal customer bets $100,000 a year through HPI and is an average handicapper, that person will lose around 22% or $22,000 (the average takeout at Woodbine), and maybe get back $2,000 in rebates from Woodbine tops. But if you were to set up your own ADW and got Woodbine as content, and just bet through your ADW, you would lose whatever Woodbine charges as a signal fee: lets say 6% or $6,000 if you are the same average handicapper.

    So it is more like Walmart charging you $200 for an item to a local who comes into the store, but only $60 if you order the same item from outside the store's area.

    Yes, the business model doesn't make sense. But that is how it works.

    John, you mentioned convenience before, and that is what many tracks rely on. But when you look at the fact that tracks are willing to sell their signal to others for highly discounted prices, and yet gauge their local loyal fan base, you might come to the conclusion, like me, that we don't owe these tracks anything, and we should just look after number one.

  • At 8:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    CanGamble I have no problem with taking care of number one. But I think you would agree if all tracks do as Fort Erie the game will never last (Economically impossible).

  • At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Cangamble said…

    Fort Erie is no different than any other track out there, except for maybe Woodbine who has their own ADW.
    Every track operates that way.
    When it comes to even Fort Erie's home base, if they set up an HPI account and bet Fort Erie, Fort Erie only receives around half of the takeout, I believe, on money wagered through HPI. The only time they get full takeout rates is on money bet at the track or their simulcast theatres (I'm not sure on the theatres actually).
    Almost every track operates this way. The on track money bet is all theirs, and the money they get through other ADW's is only a piece of the total takeout pie.
    The funny thing is that with all the advantages Woodbine has and the near monopoly they have in Canada, Willmot recently admitted that if the Sadinsky Report was implemented, WEG would lose money. Talk about an inept organization.


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