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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Bless you and more to come after today's big races

Okay, silliness today but Cow-chook (Indian for rubber) is how you pronounce a neat looking 2yo racing at Woodbine today for Eaton Hall Farm and the red-hot trainer Mike Doyle.
Caoutchouc, a filly by Storm Boot, has had any number of good preps and has beaten workmates on occasion.
That maiden allowance (orignally scheduled for the grass but now on Polytrack) is among many good races today adding to the blockbuister weekend of racing douwn south, in particular at Saratoga.


SOCIETY'S CHAIRMAN, the promising 5yo Not Impossile horse owned and bred by Charles Fipke (no, niot Not Bourbon) got his confidenc up with a win on Polytrack yesterday in an allowance race that was taken off the turf. The stakes placed fellow was coming off a bummer of a race on soft turf in the Grade 2 King Edward but almost won the Grade 3 Connaght Cup before that.
The big bay won under a hand ride (Rob Landry replaced the injured) although one had to be impressed/feel sorry for POWER OF ATTORNEY.
The Crown Attorney 5yo is very good right now but he was simply trying to run off for most of the race with Constant Montpellier and the pace was slow, 25 and change, 49 and change.
Power of Attorney had no room into the stretch and then motored home in a huge, huge effort for owner-breeder-trainer HENRY PALCEKI. Watch out for this one next time.

WHAAAAAT? - Terry Jordan's stable did NOT win the 2nd race with favoured MAZEL STAR but it was sure hard to tell.
The Jordan barn, cliking at 42% winners after almost 40 starters, had Mazel Star ready to roll in the 3yo filly, $40K claimer and led was pressured all the way by Meadow Princess, who broke slowly and then rushed up. The pair battled to the wire, with the latter moving to the outside of Mazel Star into the turn. At the wire, it appeared that Mazel Star had hung on.
Wrong! The photo showed Meadow Princess the winner for Anne Perron. The Meadowlake gal has won 2 of 7 this year and was dropping from $60K claiming.

Race 5 - A long INQUIRY resulted in the unluckiest horse on the grounds, DELI LAMA, being disqualified for the SECOND CONSECUTIVE RACE.
The Langfuhr filly was 2nd at 8 to 5 in the maiden allowance, off the turf at 7 furlongs, but was judged guilty of bearing in coming out of the chute and causing 2 fillies to steady and check.
The two who were hindered were Stormy Illusion (3rd placed 2nd) and PATIENCE OF JOB who was really knocked around in her debut and was 9th, placed 8th.

Deli Lama was disqualified from 2nd to 3rd in her last race on the grass.

Winning the race was yet another from Sam-Som farm - the Silver Deputy gal SILVER ADVENTURE had not raced since her debut last June 23 but was well prepared and she rode the rail to the win. She is out of an Easy Goer mare.


The very sizy 2yo filly MILWAUKEE APPEAL (Milwaukee Brew - Appealin Forum, Open Forum) charged down the track to win the 1st race for maidens for $40K. It was the CEC Farms Ontario homebred's 2nd race. She is trained by Scott Fairlie.
The nicely bred KNOW NO LIMITS, a Minardi filly from the Dave Cotey barn, making her debut, looked like a win one jump befor ethe wire while KLONDIKE JANE broke slowly, rushed and tired and LIGHT UP BROADWAY broke very slowly.

Speaking of Minardi, that champion 2yo-now sire was back in race 7 when HOT SUMMER WIND took advantage of a maniacal pace (fister Sailing Appeal went 21 4/5) to rally from well back and win her maiden for $32,000 claiming. Coincidentally, she blew past a Dave Cotey trainee, Wild West Belle (off the one-year-layoff) and Cotey was the trainer of the earlier Minardi runner-up.
Hot Summer Wind, an Ontario bred 4yo out of High Wind Warning by Vigors, was breed by Hal Snowden Jr. The owners are now Aventura Stable and JB McKathan and the trainer is Ralph Biamonte.
A good race from 2nd place finisher LORI'S BUNNY, a firster by Swampster, who raced greenly.


  • At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I noticed last night at 8PM as we were trying to enter the Woodbine facilities that the CAW picketers were back to disrupt procedings, these so called people continually to pee off the public, I have a message for them, if you think we were sympathetic of their cause for fight for jobs in North America. Think again...You guys have lost alot of support.

  • At 8:43 AM, Blogger Terence said…

    We're at Saratoga this weekend, here are our photos from Saturday's big "Win and You're In" stakes races...

    Whitney and Vanderbilt Handicaps:

    Go For Wand Handicap and Diana Stakes:

    Slide show versions (different photos):

    Whitney and Go For Wand:

    Diana and Vanderbilt:

    Photos from the Jim Dandy today and the Lake George from Friday to follow. Enjoy!

    Terence and Cindy
    Horse-Races.Net and Horseracing.About.Com

  • At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Anon 7:32

    As has been pointed out on many occasions, the CAW has every right to be at Woodbine. WEG has not seen fit to file an injunction so they obviously agree.

    As i have said before, Woodbine should just close down the slots. No more slots= no more OLGC= no more CAW...problem solved. The horsepeople can have Woodbine back to themselves. Atleast for as long as they can stay afloat, that is.

    This has bneen going on for weeks now. The pickets are no secret. Don't show up minutes to post hoping to get in. You know the situation. Plan accordingly and you should have no problems.

    seems to me, whinning about it ion this blog has done nothing to solve the problem so far, so you are simply wasting your time.

  • At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Any one know what happenened to D ino Luciani?

  • At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ok, Mr. Anon 10:30, I am not attempting to get into either the Casino or the Grandstand area... I need to get in to feed and look after my animals in the stable area... your thugish actions are just making me angry and as far as gaining any support for your cause, I don't think so.

  • At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mr. Anon 10:30 ... I take exception to the tactics these "thugs" are using to disrupt horseracing. Their actions are directed at the WRONG patrons. They show up on "key" race days and always before post time .. then they pack up and go home. Maybe they should focus their actions on the "casino" players not the horse players.

    Most evenings the Casino is packed ... so why not put up their pickets in the evenings ? I can tell you why. So they can get home in time for dinner and then sit down to watch reruns on TV.

    They are beginning to piss me off and many other patrons of the racetrack. Their issue is with OLG so go picket their offices and leave us alone.

    This Sunday they virtually closed down the Carlingview entrance, which is primarily used by the Horse People, like owners, grooms and trainers. One day someone is going to get hurt and then let's see why sympathy they get from the public.

  • At 6:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have no conection to the CAW so it has nothing to do with my "thugish actions" don't hate me.

    Again. The security guards work at WOODBINE. That is why they picket at WOODBINE. And seeing as horse racing is heavily funded by the slot operation I think picketing the races is very justified.

    As for trying to get to your horses. It seems to me you are trying to pick a fight with the wrong people. WEG is where you should be directing your anger. If it is true, that people are not being aloud to tend to thier horses than WEG needs to do something about that. I am guessing there is not a judge in the world that would allow innocent horses to suffer unjustly. Thus making WEG,s attempts to get an injunction very easy. So I ask, Why haven't they tried this?

    I know, because someone is not being honest here. Obviously it has been told to WEG that the pickets have every right to be there. Wheter or not YOU like it or not.

    No slots=No OLGC=No CAW...good luck with that horsepeople. As a horese person what would be your thoughts on shutting down the slots permenantly. It would be great. You could have Woodbine back to yourselves just like the good old days. How long do you think you could stay a float then?

  • At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And the CAW fits into the OLGC picture how exactly? Woodbine is just a good place to disrupt things and for lack of a better plan the union sends the thugs over there once in a while to earn their strike pay. I'd be looking to find myself a new job or at the very least get retrained to do something other than build cars people won't buy.

  • At 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, i guess it comes down to this. If you guys really have such a big problem with people legally picketing their workplace....

    I hear the racing in China is great this time of year. Best thing is, they have a very low tolerance for civil disobedience. You will love it.

  • At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Last time I checked, the security guards at the Woodbine Slots don't build cars.

    Atleast try to keep your arguement coherent.

  • At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I didn't think the security guards for the casino had anything to do with the Auto Workers either, yet it appears to be the AUTO WORKERS who are manning the picket lines at WB... I can see why you are so impressed by them.

  • At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Looks like Chris Weaver, the CAW "VP of Propaganda" has found his way to this blog to try to shout down the anti-union voice the way he did in the Globe and Mail comments under Beverley Smith's Queen's Plate article.

    I notice the talks broke down because you didn't do the right thing and GIVE UP. Unless you can shut down the entire OLG, something you cannot legally do, they can afford to leave you out forever, which they are wisely doing. You are in a NO-WIN situation. You cannot beat the OLG. There are other slots facilities and casinos still open, and I can walk down to the local Hasty Market and buy an OLG lottery ticket, so what's 2 racetrack slot rooms (one of which is still open anyway) and 1 small casino to them, a drop in the bucket. You are the proverbial pimple on the backside to them, you're annoying them but you won't kill them. OLG could care less about the horsemen, so if you make the horsemen suffer unfairly you are hurting people who have no say whatsoever in your dispute. Even if the horsemen agree with you, nothing they can do can help you, and you've annoyed them so much they won't help you even if they could. So you can forget using them as pawns.

    9:27 said it best, if you want to at least look like you want to hurt the right people, go picket when it's mostly slot customers -- Friday and Saturday night. Then you're directly affecting the take in the casino.


  • At 6:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It is obvious I am wasting my time here. If you can't grasp the simple fact that the CAW represents a huge variety of industry, you are probably not equipped to have this debate.

    Wait until you find out the people at your local grocery store are represented by the Steelworkers. it will really blow your mind.

    anyway. Cuban racing is really hot right now. Fidel doesn't stand for workers rights. why fight for Union wages when they are paying a stunning 25 dollars a day on the backstretch.

  • At 4:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Irony of ironies, communist Cuba, that all the socialist Union types look up to with such high regard, "doesn't stand for workers rights"?? Ha ha ha ha....

    Since you mentioned grocery stores, if you don't agree with what the unions are doing, don't give union shops your business. I avoid Loblaws, Dominion, and Sobeys like the plague because of the UFCW/CAW/Steelworkers/Teamsters/whoever the hell they have. Vote with your feet and shop at Wal-Mart Supercenter instead, because you KNOW that place will never have a union.

  • At 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    yeah, thats it. support companies that pay their employees peanuts. That should help the economy.

    Lets all have a race to the bottom. it's best for everyone. Anyway, sweetcheeks, the strike appears to be over. You can quit whinning now.

    Walmart may never have a Union. Walmart workers will never own a house...good for everyone involved.$6.85 for everyone. The world is just better that way. Just as long as you can save 30 cents on laundry soap...

    down with the unions!!!

  • At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    With their crazy demands. livable wages, decent work hours, pensions, benfits, safety...

    who do the guys think they are anyway? They demand all of this, yet still have the nerve to disrupt MY life?

    if there really is a Union leader here on this blog I want you to know one thing. Your workers will never come before MY life. go team Walmart!!!

    (I wonder how many low paid Walmart workers ever get a chance to spend a day at a Racetrack?)


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