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Monday, June 05, 2006

Trial - and some Tribulations

Uh oh, here we go again.
Sharp and from a strong workout of 1:14 and change for six furlongs at his owner's farm, PIPERS THUNDER surged into the Queen's Plate picture with his victory in the Plate Trial at Woodbine on Sunday.
Too bad the betting public didn't know about the workout until after the race was over.
Amidst a virus outbreak that has left bettors and fans scratching their heads about field size plus confusing results and soon after Woodbine Entertainment issued its stance on integrity and a new surveillance/retention program that will go into effect for the Queen's Plate, the Plate Trial result opens yet another can of worms.
Chiefswood trains its horses on its Loretto, Ontario farm. Workouts there do not have to reported to Woodbine or Daily Racing Form, much like workouts at Adena Springs North. It is not the owner's fault. It is not the trainer's fault. But something needs to be done to protect the bettors.
Sure, the shrewd will know these horses have been working at the farm but seeing a 1:14 for six furlongs over a farm surface would be big news to anyone interested in betting on the horse.
ThoroughBlog reader P.M (who wagered on Pipers Thunder) offers his thoughts...

Today i happened to get the result of the Plate Trial right and made a tidy sum betting it out of province- HPI had shown the tape of the winner's last start and he looked like a short horse to me. I always go for the horses in a trial/prep that 'must win' to make the big race rather than the ones who are proven and simply want to maintain an edge - ahhhh good for me!!!

After the race on the national feed (jockey Ray) Sabourin tells me that he "knew (the horse) was doing terrific because he worked three quarters so well last week at the farm" - oops that wasn't in my DRF-oh dear me !!!

WELL WASN'T I SURPRISED! I had thought that after the Durtow/Frankel Queen's Plate 'where is the horse training mystery' of '05 someone at ORC, Wod, DRF would have been made responsible for assembling and getting out current info on stakes contenders - I blamed them all last year but this time it is my bad! I should have known, if there is incomplete information in Wo pp's you just run for cover and hide your money! This time i won and probably got two extra points for being right for the wrong reason but don't think i will put that money back in there again soon?

I attend Wodbine three times a year, i may bet twenty races Wo races a year - the take out is insane, the track is regarded by serious players as a vet's track and the information is incomplete even for the big events- what does that say about what goes on in the ordinary day to day stuff - i'd rather lose at a track that does its job than win where only the cynical know how to play.


  • At 7:42 PM, Blogger John said…

    I enjoy placing a wager on the Plate every year and I appreciate your candid reporting. I don't know who I will wager on I just know it will not be Mr Baffert's horse. I always enjoy it when a local wins the Plate and I hope that is the case this year.


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