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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Virus clings to Woodbine

Thursday's card at Woodbine features the largest fields the track has seen in several weeks, suggesting that the horse population on the backstretch might be recuperating from a sickness that has plagued perhaps 30-40% of the runners.
If handicapping races is not hard enough, the virus that has grabbed hold of the Woodbine barn area plus the sudden hot, steamy and smoggy weather, has made each race a pure guessing game.
Horseplayer P.M. offers these insightful comments on the situation and what group is out there to protect the bettors...

" (the) Friday edition of my DRF there was another troubling issue - Bill T quoted Dan Vella about a cough that has been in the WO backstretch - so far as i know there had not been a whisper about this anywhere else - so if i were a WO player i would not be playing anything from the DV's barn (even though i know he is an outstanding horseman) or anything else stabled there - so how come nobody provides info like that to the poor unsuspecting betting public?-so are we to conclude that anything coming off a two to three week layoff is supect? and who is supposed to be looking out for the public on something like this - the ORC, the DRF, etc etc - hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil has always been racing's tradition so who gets to make the racing world a better place for bettors?- you, me or some stiff with a big title, big income and a suit? lets lay it on someone who has talked protecting the public to get ahead in his career!


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