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Friday, March 20, 2009



123 nominations released

Square Eddie (at left, by the fave, but will he come?


There will be lots of celebrations and special events around the historic 150th running of the Queen's Plate this year, North America's longest, continously run horse race.

The 1 1/4 mile classic has currently 123 nominations but supplements to stakes races at Woodbine can be made now so other faces could show up in the picture between now and the June 21 race.

As expected SQUARE EDDIE is the big favourite - the American owned, trained and raced colt was foaled in Ontario but has never raced here but he is by far the most accomplished colt on the list.

The bad news is, Square Eddie has been sidelined by a shin injury and it is possible that the J. Paul Reddam- owned, Doug O'Neill-trained colt does not have a trip to Toronto in his plans.

UTTERLY COOL, the second favourite, IS RECOVERING FROM ANKLE SURGERY and will be babied along until he is ready to go. The brilliant gelding was a monster in the Cup & Saucer last year but has never raced on Polytrack.

ACTIVE DUTY, trained by Mark Casse, has been in California and has raced twice but has not seemingly progressed much from his 2yo form that saw him win the Coronation Futurity. He does like Woodbine's surface, however, and trainer Casse is confident of the colt's ability to get the distance.
EL BRUJO is ready to run after many good preps in New Orleans for trainer Malcolm Pierce. He may race at Woodbine for his season debut. VAN LEAR ROSE, the champion 2yo filly, has just started working again and is one of the better sophomores on the list (of those who have raced.).

PARABOLA, a stakes winner for owner/breeder Janet Jeanpierre, is training in Ontario and has matured according to trainer Barb Minshall.

Stay tuned for many possibilities racing at Keeneland this spring and sharpen your pencils, the QUEEN'S PLATE FANTASY CHALLENGE starts again in a few days, so get your team together!
Check the Woodbine web site for more details.

The full list is below.



Horse/Breeding Odds


ABSOLUTELYSTRIKING (Smart Strike – Hummingbird Red) 100
Owner: Sam-Son Farms
ACTIVE DUTY (Deputy Commander-Punchbowl) 10
Woodford Racing LLC
AGAIN PLEASE (Toccet – Patience Please) 100
Bull Market Stable & Jim Aston
AIR STRIKE (Smart Strike - I Beat the Tornado) 40
Woodford Racing LLC.
ALLEYNES BAY (Forestry – Alleynedale) 75
Melnyk Racing Stables Inc.
ALWAYS PRINCE (Dixie Union – Princess Ruckus) 100
AMA SOUL MAN (Perfect Soul – Seeking the Blue) 50
Charles E.Fipke
AMONG GIANTS (Giant’s Causeway – Alexis) 50
Firestone Farms Inc.
ANNA'S SOUL (f) (Perfect Soul – Star de Lady Anne) 100
Charles E.Fipke
AXMINSTER (Tomahawk – Very Popular) 150
Karen & Mickey Taylor LLC.
BACCHAUS (Forest Wildcat – Piano) 100
Laurel Byrne
BATTLE AT SEA (Smart Strike – Sails Unfurled) 40
Sam-Son Farms
BIG HURT (Grand Slam – Nashwan Rose) 100
Chiefswood Stables Ltd.
BREAK AND ENTER (Perfect Soul – Old Moda Vor) 100
Firestone Farms Inc.
BRU BORU (Gone West - Inish Glora) 100
Robert J. Costigan
BUCEPHALUS (Cape Canaveral – May Time) 75
Knob Hill Stable
BUCK THE TREND (Sligo Bay – The Lady Is Silver) 200
CAREER HIGH (Strong Hope – Ahead by a Century) 75
W. S. Farish
CHAMPAGNE FLIGHT (Fusaichi Pegasus – Go First Class) 75
Sam-Son Farms
CLEARVIEW HEIGHTS (Graeme Hall – Bright Stars) 150
Melnyk Racing Stables Inc. CLOVER CREST (Graeme Hall – Coverly) 150
Melnyk Racing Stables Inc.
COLLEROSA (Tomahawk – Vinona) 75
Frank Romano
CONSENSUS (Langfuhr – Colorful T) 100
COSTALIVIN (Tomahawk – Sylky Market) 50
Jam Jar Racing Stable
COUNT FLOYD (Aldebaran – Fairy West) 50
S. and D. Fitzhenry
D'ORO DIABLO (Medaglia d’Oro – Dancehall Floozy) 75
Robert Harvey
D'WILD MAN (D’Wildcat – Gleaming Field) 75
Gil Rowntree Racing Stable and Ed Lang
DANCE INTO HEAVEN (Dance to Destiny – Keys to Heaven) 40
Sam-Son Farms
DIAMOND QUEST (Katahaula County – Rock Creek Redhead) 100
Jim and Linda Sentes, SV Atwall Ent.
DON VALENTINO (El Prado (Ire) – Speed to Burn) 50
Stronach Stables Inc.
DR. FUNKENSTEIN (Proud Citizen – Parlour Maid) 40
Kingview Farms
DRUMBLARE (Smart Strike – Marimba Belle) 75
Anderson Farms and L. Silvera
DUKES ALLEY (Speightstown – Mount Hillaby) 100
Melnyk Racing Stables Inc.
EL BRUJO (Candy Ride – Enchanted Spell) 12
Windways Farm
EXECUTIVE DREAM (Trajectory – Found Treasure) 150
3 Sons Racing Stable
EYE OF THE LEOPARD (A.P. Indy – Eye of the Sphynx) 40
Sam-Son Farms
FIRST NATIONAL (Captain Bodgit – Little Oyster) 150
Ross Gyori & Aleatha McGill Gyori
FLIP FOR THE COIN (Compadre – Social Knight) 20
Molinaro Stable
FOREST UPROAR-f (Forest Wildcat – Split the Arrow) 100
Sam-Son Farm
FROZEN TREASURE (Seeking the Gold - Wilderness Song) 100
Sam-Son Farms
FULL THROTTLE (Dixie Union – Full Sister) 40
GALL HILL (El Prado – Eden Lodge) 75
Melnyk Racing Stables Inc.
GRAEME WAFER (Graeme Hall – Bar U Mokwa) 200
GREEN BACK WILDCAT (D’Wildcat – Blue Sky Lady) 200
John S. Terdik
GUIPAGO (My Way Only – Cherokee Chick) 75
Fieldstone Farms
HAPPY VALLEY VOW (Broken Vow – Mountain Hideaway) 75
Glenn and Dolores Bryant
HARD KISSES-f (Toccet – Hunting Jade) 40
Hal and Patti Earnhardt
HARRIER (Tomahawk – Oh Dear) 150
C. N.Harris and D.Ross
HI HO CIANO (Ciano Cat – Hi De Ho Miss) 150
Molinaro Stable
HISAKI (Compadre – Cupid’s Executrix) 150
Fieldstone Farms
HUDSON BAY (Tomahawk – Katebryne) 100
Firestone Farms Inc.
I'M THE MANAGER (Tempolake – Promise the Banker) 200
Molinaro Stable
IMA SOUL MISS-f (Perfect Soul – Rahfee) 150
Charles E. Fipke
INDIGO NORTH-f (Grand Slam – Turned On) 100
Chiefswood Stables Ltd.
INTHESCHEMEOFTHINGS (Trajectory – Pick Ten) 150
Gardiner Farms Limited
KEEP SIX (Perigee Moon – Cousin Charlotte) 100
W.Lawrence and M.Gardiner
KEINO WEST (Kissin Kris – Vanetta Hill) 15
Track West Racing and Susan Foreman
KELLHAM (Distorted Humor – Appleby Gardens) 50
Melnyk Racing Stables Inc.
KING KYLE (Alphabet Soup – Madame Pietra) 75
Stronach Stables Inc.
KINNAIRD (Milwaukee Brew – Too Late Now) 150
John Fielding
UNNAMED(Dance to Destiny – Somebody Else) 200
120011 Ontario Inc.
LAST CENTURY (Tomahawk – Hollywood Ending) 100
Firestone Farms Inc.
LEOPARD STRIKE (Tactical Cat – Noble Strike) 75
Arosa Farms
LITTLE AFLEETS (A Fleets Dancer – Little Storm) 200
H. W. Chambers
LONG PANTS (Tomahawk – Hot Pants) 150
Kingfield Racing Stable & D.Anderson
LOVER’S LAKE (One Way Love – Cathy Super) 150
Lisa A. Guaraldi
LUIGI’S HONOR (Sky Classic – Irish Toby) 100
Centennial Farms (Niagara)
MARCY’S WOODS (Point Given – Sea Dragoness) 100
Weila Ye
MEAN GREEN (Trajectory – Emerald Afternoon) 20
Norseman Racing Stable
MEGA RUSH (Megas Vukefalos – Solina) 150
T.V. Stables
MENSCH (Compadre – Edirne) 150
Fieldstone Farms
MERKABAH (Theatrical – Chopinina) 100
Knob Hill Stable
MONSIEUR PHILLIPE (Whiskey Wisdom – Victoria Princess) 75
G. B. Stable
MOONDRIFTER (Golden Missile – Curiosity) 75
J. M. Stritzl Stable
MORE THAN CONQUERORS (Piccilo Pete – Shark Attack) 150
Silver Duck Racing Stable
MR. FORICOS TWO U (Porto Foricos – Song Spring) 75
Annecchini and D'Alimonte Holdings Ltd.
NAJRAN’S PICK (Majran – Pick’s Change) 200
Connie Patton
NAVY BAND (Dixieland Band – South Sea Blues) 50
Woodford Racing LLC
NO MORE TEARS (Gilded Time – Heavenly Tears) 100
Kingfield Racing Stable Ltd.
NUMEROUS EXECUTIVE (Bold Executive – Crown’s Shadow) 100
J. M. Stritzl Stable
OLIVER’S STRIKE (Smart Strike – Oliva) 100
PARABOLA (Trajectory – Flying Tabriz) 15
Janet A. Jeanpierre
PERFECT SHOWER (Perfect Soul – Showering) 50
Charles E.Fipke
POLTERER (Awesome Again – Instore) 100
Stronach Stables Inc.
POWASSAN (Candy Ride – Papoose) 75
Victura Farm
PRETTY KATHERINE-f (Vindication - Indigene) 50
J.Sikura, W.DeBurgh, J.Hollendorfer
PRIME TIME (Medaglia d’Oro – Sioux City) 50
W. Werner and R. Attfield
QUEEN OF THE RINGS (Empire Maker – Seeking the Ring) 100
Sam-Son Farms
QUIET APPROVAL (Quiet American – Agolo) 40
Kingfield Racing Stable Ltd.
QUIETDETERMINATION (El Prado – Quiet Cleo) 50
Sam-Son Farms
RAPID RELEASE (Action This Day – Bail Money) 50
David and Paula Mueller
SARGENT PARK (Fusaichi Pegasus – Prior Park) 75
Melnyk Racing Stables Inc.
SEBCOE WEST (Milwaukee Brew – Awesome Touch) 150
Track West Racing
SECRET WISH (Street Cry – Awesome Lass) 50
Cudney Stables
SHUT IT DOWN (Porto Foricos – Bar U Raphael) 50
K. K. Sangara
SIBELIUS (Friends Lake – Madiera) 75
Earle I. Mack
SIOUX LOOKOUT (Action This Day – Arablue) 100
R. Woods
SLEWLANTIC (Stormy Atlantic – Sashaying Slew) 100
Karen & Mickey Taylor LLC
SOUL OF NATAKA-f (Perfect Soul – Nataka) 150
Charles E.Fipke
SOUTHDALE (Street Cry – Pinafore’s Pride) 40
Rod Ferguson
SOUTHERN BUDDY (Annihilate – Southern Sweet) 75
Sherri-Lee Hawley and S. and F. Laing
SPARTACUS (Pulpit – Wheedle) 50
Woodford Racing LLC
SQUARE EDDIE (Smart Strike – Forty Gran) 5-2
J. Paul Reddam
STARDUST ZIGGY (Holy Bull – Rare Vision) 20
UN Stable
STEPONTHEWILDSIDE (Giant’s Causeway – Song of the Wild) 75
Sam-Son Farms
STORM WIND (Awesome Again – Brook’s Approval) 75
Stronach Stables Inc.
SUCCESSFUL KNIGHT (Porto Foricos – Devil’s Pledge) 100
ASG Stable, B.Petrick and E.Tannenbaum
TAKAMOSA (Peaks and Valleys – Unique Sky) 200
Ed Lang
THE WORLD TO ME (Domasca Dan – La Gazelle) 200
Binmar Farm
THOR’S PIPER (Thunder Gulch – Lone Piper) 100
Chiefswood Stables Ltd.
TIMBER WOLF (Tomahawk – My Date) 75
W. Werner and R. Attfield
TORREADORA-f (El Prado – Fleet of Foot) 100
Sam-Son Farms
UTTERLY COOL (Smoke Glacken – Destroy) 6
Jim Dandy Stable
VAN LEAR ROSE-f (Stroll – Devaluation) 12
Kingview Farm
VENABLO (Porto Foricos – La Gran Raquel) 200
Fieldstone Farms
VIABLE (Vindication – Belle Breesing) 100
Karen & Mickey Taylor LLC
WHERS THE JUICE (Where’s the Ring – Juicey) 100
Jam Jar Racing Stable
WHISPERED HOPE (Porto Foricos – Whispered Secret) 50
Sam-Son Farms
WIN AND REIGN (Tomahawk – It’s a Ruby) 40
Hillsbrook Farms
WOLF MOUNTAIN (Awesome Again – Petrina Above) 75
Stronach Stables Inc.
WOODMAN’S SOUL (Perfect Soul – Forest Flora) 75
Charles E. Fipke
YORKVILLE (Rahy – Prospector’s Band) 75
Chiefswood Stables Ltd.
YOU DON’T PASS (Pikepass – Silver and Bronze 100
3 Sons Racing Stable


  • At 12:55 PM, Blogger Amateurcapper said…

    The Queen's Plate would be an ideal spot for SQUARE EDDIE. Certainly if he comes back off his stress fracture/shin condition near the same colt, he lays over them doesn't he?
    Can we access PP's for the nominees?

  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger Jen Morrison said…

    yes the pps will be available at Woodbine's Contest site

  • At 1:50 PM, Anonymous Janet Jeanpierre said…


    Small typo in your list of Top 10 for the Plate--I am the owner/BREEDER of Parabola. Barbara Minshall is the trainer, not me.

    As a "little guy" in the business, it is very exciting to be on the list.

    Janet Jeanpierre

  • At 2:12 PM, Blogger Jen Morrison said…

    Thanks Janet, yes you are certainly the owner/breeder, Barb the trainer!
    Congrats and good luck!

  • At 12:09 AM, Blogger Amateurcapper said…


    Do you know when the '09 PP's and the contest registration will be posted?


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