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Sunday, May 04, 2008


Thank you to the dozens of folks at Woodbine, on the phone and on e-mail for comments about yesterday's story that the TORONTO STAR printed about horse slaughter in Canada.

The story was meant to bring attention to our normally-conservative country's business of killing horses for meat overseas.
The story was meant to be about racehorses in particular with a tie-in to all the Kentucky Derby horses/starters that have or almost have met similar fate.
The story was meant to be built up big so that the millions of people out there who DO NOT know this is going on, will realize it is and perhaps let their government reps know about it.
If a story is not done up big - if it is swept under the carpet and those in the racing industry want to pretend it is not there - it will keep happening.
The TORONTO STAR SPORTS department is a much different set of folks who love sports, many of them love horse racing, than the folks over the FOOD DEPARTMENT.

I am not A HYPROCRITE because I work for a newspaper that has people working for it that have different views and opinions about things.

SHELLEY GRAINGER invites everyone to help the is her note...

The Canadian Horse Defense Coalition ( Our group is based out of BC, and has been working to defend Canadian horses from slaughter since 2004.

If you receive any enquiries from Canadians asking how they can help protect our horses, or if they want to learn more about horse slaughter in our country, please feel free to refer them to the Coaliition, or to me directly. We have researched this industry extensively and keep on top of the current issues and statistics.
Shelley Grainger


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